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Need a local, fully qualified, rapid response
electrician at a competitive price?
Local & Immediate

As a locally based, dedicated 24/7 emergency electrician service, you can rely on us for an immediate response. 
Our aim being to send a highly trained engineer to your  property in one hour to expertly resolve your electrical problem.

Qualified & Prepared

Your electrician will be local, fully qualified, experienced and professional. Prepared to handle a wide range of problems, they will arrive with stock parts so issues can be fixed quickly & effectively, with minimum disruption.

Quality Guaranteed

Fully insured & with a 12- month guarantee on their work, your engineer will be prompt and courteous and treat your property with the respect it deserves; getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Value for Money

We do not believe that people faced with an emergency plumbing issue should have to pay over the odds for a rapid, professional & hassle free repair service. Compared to other Essex plumbers our rates are competitive & transparent, with no hidden charges.

Call 0330 0533200 to book a local, 24/7 rapid response engineer.

Electrical dangers are real, they can occur at any time and take several forms. Severe issues can cause significant damage to your home and pose potential risks to safety. Electricity-related fires cause thousands of death each year, and in most cases, the early warning signs were there. So when problems arise they need immediate attention. Emergency Tradespeople operate 24/7, so you can reach us with your problem no matter the time of day or night, and we can send a local, fully qualified, experienced electrician to your property in Essex as soon as possible to safely and effectively resolve your problem, in accordance with the latest regulations and at a competitive ‘no hidden charges’ price; leaving you to continue your day without any worries.

For your complete peace of mind, your electrical engineer is fully insured, and their work comes with a 12-month guarantee.


Any work on your electrical system should be undertaken by a qualified electrician. Emergency Tradespeople (ETP) are a locally based, 24/7 emergency electrical repairs & maintenance service you can rely on for a genuinely rapid response when it comes to sending a highly knowledgeable, fully qualified emergency electrical engineer with the experience to quickly identify and effectively fix the root cause of your electrical issue, addressing any problems you might have in a courteous manner while delivering a high-quality service that comes with a 12month work guarantee.

So no matter the size or nature of your electrical emergency, with ETP you’ll always be able to take full advantage of a local electrical engineers expertise, attention to detail and quality of service at a competitive, no hidden charges price.

We take service excellence seriously and followup with our customers for their feedback. Engineers are continuously evaluated by the feedback we receive.


Emergency Tradespeople (ETP) remove the hassle of finding a local, reliable & fully qualified emergency electrician at a competitive price in Essex.

We charge a call-out booking fee. When you call us and make a booking we will ask for your details, the property address and a description of your problem. We then immediately allocate the nearest qualified engineer on our register for your needs, send you their details, an estimated arrival time, and keep you informed throughout.

The attending engineer will invoice you directly for their work. As the engineer will usually resolve your emergency within 1 hour, the first hour of labour plus materials is authorised with the booking.

Our Rates and Our Terms are available here. We pride ourselves on clear and concise communication and are always happy to answer any questions and assist in any way we can.


Got a electrical emergency on your hands? Your homes electrical system is definitely an area that requires professional expertise as there are few problems quite as dangerous as electrical faults; why hiring a qualified, professional emergency electrician is especially important if there is a power outage or hazardous socket or connection issue in your home. With 25% of house fires caused by electrical failure, the trick to preventing those kinds of disastrous outcomes is fixing the issue fast & effectively, by using a local, fully qualified & experienced 24/7 emergency electrician that you can rely on to get to you quickly, and who you can trust to do the job well, no matter the time of the day or night.

Electrical current can be dangerous at the best of times. A professional electrician will ensure that you and your family remain safe during and after the repairs. An emergency electrician will have a keen sense of how to direct occupants in the event of a serious problem. Investigating shorts or dead outlets on your own is just not worth it in terms of electrical shock or burns risk. Older systems can be volatile and newer systems complicated. Safe repairs of any kind require the knowledge and experience of someone who understands the system in its entirety. Emergency Tradespeople operate 24/7 and aim to have a local, fully qualified emergency electrician at your home 1 hour from booking, The engineer will expertly assess the situation and as they carry standard parts, can underttake immediate remedial action with minimal disruption. The result? Your saftey and peace of mind.
Expertise matters. Some home repairs are fine for DIY solutions; most tasks involving electrical systems are not. Professional electrical engineers are highly trained and bring a wealth of technical information and experience along with them. They must continually re-qualify for certifications that allow them to legally operate and their work will be in accordance with the latest electrical regulations. A fully-qualified and certified emergency electrician will provide a fast, safe, and reliable service to homeowners at any time of the day or night, and knows what to do to protect your family and property from serious safety hazards.
Time is of the essence when it comes to resolving electrical emergencies. Electrical issues run to their own schedule. They don’t care that it’s the middle of the night, that you’re out at work, or that it’s the holiday season! In fact, it’s exactly those kinds of situations when they tend to strike. In the event of an electrical emergency in your home, Emergency Tradespeople are available 24/7, we can asses the situation and send an emergency electrician to run diagnostics and repair the problem, all the while keeping your family and property safe from personal injury or damage. This is particularly important in older homes with wiring that may not have the capacity for the loads that a modern household demands. Electrical fires are no joke – if you suspect an antiquated system may be putting your home and family at risk, don’t hesitate to call in an expert by reaching out to Emergency Tradespeople whatever the hour of the day or night you need our help.
Because a professional electrician knows what they are doing and have years of experience with diverse scenarios; unlike a DIY or under-qualified technician who can make matters worse with an unsafe, temporary fix, they will be be able resolve the problem efficiently and quickly. This can save home owners significant money in the long run. It’s a false economy to attempt repairs on potentially dangerous and complicated infrastructure such as domestic electrical systems without the knowledge to do them correctly and safely. Whilst most qualified emergency electricians charge a premium in exchange for their 24/7 availability, Emergency Tradespeople do not believe in exploiting customers faced with a potentially hazardous emergency electrical issue, why, compared to other emergency electricians our rates are both competitive and transparent, with no unexpected charges.
A professional electricians expertise comes in handy in a variety of ways. For one thing, you can rest assured that the problem will be resolved in a swift, safe and efficient manner. For another, you’re far less likely to suffer the same issue again in the future as they have the skills, experience and arrive with the right equipment to provide a high-quality repair. It won’t just be a temporary fix that’ll recur in a few weeks’ time. They will do it right the first time, which means fewer hazardous headaches down the line. And if the the problem is such that it cannot be resolved immediately, they will make safe and be sure to return to undertake the required remedial action(s) in a way that lasts for years.

Professional emergency electricians arrive at your home in record time, equipped with the specialised tools and the standard parts needed to safely conduct an electrical repair. It’s all about efficiency. From pliers and wire strippers to electrical tapes for working around live circuits, conduit benders, laser measuring devices, circuit finders, and voltage meters and testers – equipment you won’t lying around the average garage. Not only are professional electricians well equipped, they have the skills needed to use their tools efficiently and safely, so that they can get on with the job with no hold-ups and minimal disruption to your home and your day.

The majority of un-licensed electricians do not have insurance cover and tackling an electrical problem yourself can cause more damage than the initial issue, not least, in that you would be responsible for covering all the costs involved as you would be forced to pay for the damage from the original emergency as well as the extra issues that came from trying to fix it. That won’t happen when you book an electrician through Emergency Tradespeople, as all our electricians have insurance cover, so,  If they were to inadvertently damage something else,  their policy would pay for the repairs- not you!

Working with a certified professional emergency electrician provides the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed workmanship. When you book an emergency electrician through Emergency Tradespeople the attending engineers work will come with a 12 month guarantee. Replacement parts used will usually be covered by the Manufacturers warranty. This is a far cry from the “grin and hope for the best” approach of a DIY or a un-qualified elecricians repair.

A big advantage of using a local emergency electrical repair service such as Emergency Tradespeople in Essex, is that our engineers are all locally based so in addition to taking less time to get to your property they are also familiar with the power grid and understand the idiosyncrasies of local infrastructure, which can come in handy when trouble shooting and undertaking repairs.

Electrical emergencies can have more than just a practical impact. They’re stressful affairs that can also be hazardous, endanger your home, its occupants and in the case of an electrical fire, your neighbours as well. Professional emergency electricians will always put your safety first, address the issue immediately and in an expert way with minimal hassle. Limiting the damage that would have been caused by prolonging taking action helps lower stress levels as well. With an expert there to identify and safely and securely fix the root cause of your electrical fault you’ve got all-round peace of mind.

Electrical emergencies can be extremely hazardous to the people in your home and wreak havoc if left unchecked for too long. Everything from your electrical appliances, to your posessions and your property itself could be ruined. Emergency Tradespeople are a local, dedicated 24/7 emergency electrician service that you can rely on for an immediate response. Our aim is to send an highly-qualified engineer to your property in one hour to expertly resolve your electrical problem, at a competitive, no hidden charges price.



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